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Ed has entered pieces in the Western States Taxidermy Championships since 1996. These events are sponsored by the California Association of Taxidermists (CAT).

Ed was presented with CAT’s “Master Taxidermist” Award in 2001. According to CAT, this indicates that Ed’s work shows a “consistent, high degree of excellence in the mastery of the Fish category”. And that “through his efforts, Ed has assisted in the elevation of taxidermy to a true art form”.

Between 1996 and 2007 Ed has amassed the following awards at the CAT Championships:

CAT Awards
3 - California Challenge Awards
1 - People’s Choice Best of Show Award
1 - Taxidermists’ Choice Best of Show Award
1 - Spouses’ Choice Best of Show Award
6 - Best of Category Habitat Awards (for both fish and reptiles)
3 - Lauren Johnson Memorial Awards for Most Artistic Presentation
3 - Western States Team Challenge Awards
4 - Star*Fish Awards for Highest Scoring Fish Reproduction Entry
2 - Chem Oddities Awards for Highest Scoring Fish Entry
2 - Polytranspar Awards for the Highest Scoring Fish Entry
Numerous Best of Category Awards

Sponsor Awards
National Wild Turkey Federation Award for “Best of Show”
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Award for “Best Presentation of Wildlife”
California Sportsman’s Lobby Preservation Award for “Excellence in Wildlife History”
California Department of Fish & Game Award for “Best of Show-
Saltwater Fish”

Ed was also asked to judge the Western States Taxidermy Championships twice, in 2003 and 2007, handling both the fish and reptile/amphibian entries.

Ed also served as a judge for fish woodcarvings entered in the Pacific Flyway Decoy Association annual competition in 2004.

Ed has also shown his work at the International Sportsmen’s Expositions and has won their “Best Display of Show” award.

Ed’s work has also been displayed at the world-renowned Mendocino Art Center’s “Marine Wildlife Exhibit”.


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