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Below are comments from some of Ed’s customers and other taxidermists about Ed’s work:


“What separates Ed’s work from others is his incorporation of the fish within its habitat as a whole piece of ART, rather than just a mounted fish.”

Darius Mostoufi
customer and taxidermist
Darius Taxidermy
Claremont, CA


“Ed’s fish mounts appear so realistic they look like they’ve just been caught and brought out of the water. He has a true, artistic talent in painting and bringing out the brilliant, translucent colors of each fish. I find the poses full of action and very interesting to look at. Ed’s craftsmanship in putting the fish together is outstanding! Each piece is unique and a work of art in itself. I highly recommend Ed’s fish to anyone looking for not only quality and craftsmanship, but also a work of art in their trophy.”

Charlie Thurston
Airborne Taxidermy
Klamath Falls, OR

“We have the pleasure of owning three displays created by Ed. He is truly an artist in his own right - the craftsmanship, along with his attention to detail, brings Ed’s pieces to life.”

Dan & Ellen Smith
Rock Haven Lodge
Coffman Cove, AK

“Dear Ed: Thanks for the magnificent job you did on son John’s Alaska salmon! The ‘colors’ were absolutely perfect and the fiberglass form you used surely indicates that this lifetime-stature trophy was a pre-spawn King Salmon buck. Thanks again for your yeoman effort on John’s behalf!”

Jack Tilton
Blue Eye, MO



“Simply put...the best...in service, quality and most of all, creativity!”

Leonard Castro
customer and taxidermist
Eaglehead Taxidermy
Santa Rosa, CA


“Ed: I can never thank you enough or let you know how much we appreciate your work and willingness to create all those great trophies for our 2007 U.S. Spearfishing Nationals.”

Mike McGuire
Clifton, CO

“Ed: Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying my King Salmon mount. I have it in our living room and it is a constant attention getter, especially when my fishing buddies come over.”

Ted Noel
Fall River Mills, CA

“Ed is one of the best fish taxidermists I have worked with. Ed’s work is not only technically superb and incredibly lifelike, it shows outstanding realism from his imaginative artwork and scenery! Ed stay in touch with his client’s needs and is very accommodating and professional. Ed has done eight different fish mounts for my home and visiting guests are always “awed” by their realism.”

Michael Arbegast
Sacramento, CA

“Ed: I wanted to let you know that my Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden were over and above my greatest expectations! You did a great job and they look great! Thank you so much for your terrific work!”

Strib Stribling
Atlanta, GA


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